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lisa bartender tallahassee wedding

We do it all! We will handle everything you need to stock your bar for your event. We can provide you with the utmost in bar services, from the linens to the glassware to our impeccable staff. We know how to arrange the presentation. We even know how much ice you will need. And our bartenders have the experience to make your guests feel at home!



  • Lisa will walk through every step of your function with you.

  • Suggestions will be made for other vendors including caterers, music, flowers, venues

  • Provide a Party Checklist to know you've got what you need.

Order Pick-up and Delivery

  • Your order is placed. (Your choice of liquor stores.)

  • We load your order into our truck.

  • All the extras that come with your order are included.

  • We deliver it to your VENUE.

Setup and Service

  • Set up the bar area(s) quickly.

  • Decorate the Serving area in keeping with your theme.

  • Maintain friendly and efficient service to all your guests.

Break down and Clean up

  • Bar will be completely broken down.

  • Area will be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Area will be returned to it's prior state.

  • Unopened liquor will be returned for credit.


3544 Oak Hill Trail
Tallahassee, Florida 32312
Telephone: 850-321-7398











lisa bartenders tallahassee wedding
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lisa bartender tallahassee wedding
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