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The DIY Bride: Do This, Not That

Many of you Pinterest obsessed Brides-to-be may have planned out how to make your upcoming wedding an entirely "Do it Yourself" project. A word of advice, in order to save some money on your wedding day, there are some things that a crafty lady and her friends can successfully DIY, however there are some things that should ALWAYS be left to the professionals. Follow these DIY do's and don'ts and your special day will be unique and crafty without causing any unnecessary mental breakdowns.


Guest Book:

Do It! A guest book is one of the easiest elements of a wedding to successfully do yourself. Not only is it tremendously easy to provide a blank book and writing utensils to your guests, but it is very easy to go a step further and make a memorable gust "book" that is a little less traditional, and a lot more fun!

Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Sign game pieces like Jenga or Puzzle Pieces. You can even create a puzzle made out of a picture of the bride and groom. With this idea, the happy couple can go back and play the games later to remember their wedding and the guests that attended.

Sign musical objects. This could be in the form of cds, records, or even an instrument. These can turn into fun art pieces, or a functional object that reminds you of your wedding every time it is used.

Sign a decor piece. This could be a piece of furnature, a decorative piece (like a globe), or custom artwork. Any of these objects will simultaneously be both decorative and memorable.

Our personal favorite is the DIY polaroid guest book. If you have been following our previous blog posts, the DIY photo booth is the PERFECT compliment to this homemade project. (If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here, it's a good one!)

The polariod book is fun for your guests because they can take silly pictures (aided by props and backdrops from your photo booth) and leave the traditional well wishes with them. This is entertaining to them, and later, to you as well when you see all the creative pictures your frinds and family left for you.


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