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Top 10 Cut the Cake Songs Wedding Tallahasee

Cutting the cake dates back to early Rome when it was traditional to "break the cake" over the brides head. This symbolized fertility and the beginning of power of the groom over the bride. In medieval England the cakes were made of un-sweeten bread and stacked in a tall pile. The bride and groom would kiss over the top of the cake. If they were successful this symbolized good fortune and many children.

Today when a couple cuts the cake it is the first act they do together as a married couple.

The couple hold the knife together the groom places his hand over the brides hand on the knife and place it on the bottom layer cutting all the way through, this symbolizes their continuity of their relationship. The groom feeds the bride first then she feeds him this shows a commitment to support each other through their new life together, and to take care of each other and their family.

When do you cut the cake? The cake cutting is usually held right after the first dance at the reception.

What are you favorite "cut the cake songs"? We have searched the web and this is what found.

1. How Sweet It Is

2. Sugar Sugar

3. Pour Some Sugar On Me

4. Sweetest Thing

5. I'm Yours

6. Lucky

7. Better Together

8. Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

9. When I'm Sixty-Four

10. 1,2,3,4 (I Love You)

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