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Why You Should Hire: A Planner

Planning your wedding can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. How do you know which vendors are the good vendors? How will you manage your time between your job, health and planning a wedding? Will you and your family be spending your wedding day making sure everything runs smoothly or enjoying the day?

Hiring a planner will make the planning process and the day of your wedding so much more enjoyable and help alleviate much of the stress ensuring that your big day is full of love and joy instead of worry.

Money, Money, Money!

Not only can planners save you the stress of planning your own wedding, but they also save you time and money. One of the most common reasons people don't hire wedding planners is because they think it's too expensive, but not only do planners have vendor connections and discounts, they also take into account your budget and will help you stay on track. When you set a budget with your planner, they are going to take that seriously and encourage you to think carefully about where to save and where to spend. Planners are so experienced with the wedding industry, they know how to give you the wedding of your dreams in the most affordable way possible.


A planner will have so much more knowledge on the reliable vendors in the area and lots of tips and tricks on planning a wedding. Typically, you only have one wedding so this is probably your first time planning a wedding whereas a planner has done this countless times and learned something new with every single bride.

A Mediator

You want sunflowers, but your mom wants carnations. You want a DJ, but your fiancé wants a band. You want an ice sculpture, but your dad wants to save the money. In these circumstances, a planner acts as sort of a family counselor offering a third party with experience to find a middle ground for everyone while still planning the wedding YOU want. Don't let this special day come between your family whether its something as minor as the font on the invitations or as important as telling your mom you don't want to wear her outdated wedding dress.

There are so many reasons to hire a planner-- these are just a few of them. If you're still not sure, follow our website to this link to schedule a FREE consultation with our vendors, including a planner. All of our planners are very experienced and can answer any questions you might have and give further insight on the pros and cons of hiring a planner.

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