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That’s Mine Monogramming is a locally-owned small business proudly serving the Tallahassee area since 2010. We offer a variety of services such as embroidery, vinyl and heat press vinyl.  Have an idea in your head?  See something on the internet that you’d like to personalize for a friend, family member or maybe yourself?  Drop us a line, or stop by our Midtown location, and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Shannon Pararo purchased That’s Mine Monogramming in the spring of 2014. A Tallahassee-native, Shannon loves being her own boss and seeing the smiles on her customers’ faces when she’s able to turn their dreams into a reality. Shannon lives here with her husband Leonard, her children Josh, Rainer and step-son Luke, and all of her extended family. When she’s not hard at work,  Shannon enjoys spending time outdoors with those dearest to her. Family-favorites include boating in the summer and riding ATVs in the winter.


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The Wedding Suite 250 E 6th Ave Tallahassee Fl 32303 

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