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How will your wedding be remembered?

Our History:

Amplify Entertainment was founded as a different kind of wedding DJ company. When founder Nate Long noticed that too many DJs were either DJing weddings like they were in a club or like they were stuck in the ’90s, he knew there had to be a better way. He witnessed painful examples of what happens when weddings DJs focus on anything but the experience of their clients and guests. In a sector of the wedding industry where lack of professionalism and fear of technology run rampant, Amplify Entertainment was founded in 2006 as the antithesis of the typical DJ company by embracing technology and delivering not only a great day-of experience for our clients but throughout the entire booking and planning process. Now, Tallahassee-based Amplify Entertainment performs more than 175 events each year, most of which are weddings, for the best clients we could have ever hoped for. We truly love what we do and we hope it shows during each and every wedding.

Our Clients: 

We have worked with the most diverse group of clients you could imagine. They differ in musical taste, age, culture, ethnicity, language and personality. Some prefer the spotlight and others prefer to sneak into their own wedding. Some value tradition while others prefer to march to a different beat. One thing all of our clients have in common is that they want to have a fun and memorable evening that they will cherish for decades. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter weddings. We believe that your wedding should be personalized to you — in music, in DJ/emcee style, in lighting, in flow and in every other detail over which we have control. We’re lucky to never perform the exact same type of wedding twice!

Our Approach:

While every wedding we perform is unique, the process to get there is the same. We work with you as a part of your wedding consulting team to ensure that each entertainment-related decision fits your style and vision for your wedding. No detail is overlooked and our Wedding Planning Kit ensures that your vision is made into reality on your wedding day.

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