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Questions for your DJ

So it is time to book your DJ. When choosing your DJ for your wedding day, we hope you choose Nate and his team at Amplify.

Here is how Nate answers a few of your questions.

Can we supply a "do not playlist" ?

Yes, in fact we encourage it! There are always a few wedding guests who think it would be a great idea to play the Chicken Dance or some other cheesy or inappropriate song. You may not want to hear those songs on your wedding day. If not, simply add those to the do-not-play list and they won’t slip past your DJ. We’ll even help you think of some good ones to add to the list!

What Genres of Music do you have?

Our music encompasses all genres, including mainstream genres like Pop/Top 40, ’80s, ’90s, Funk, Motown, Hop Hip, RnB, Jazz, Country, Oldies, Electronic, Indie, Classic Rock, Alternative. Our music collection also goes incredibly deep on non-mainstream genres like salsa, merengue, Christian, gospel, reggaeton, dubstep, swing, reggae and much more. We’ve played specific ethnic/cultural requests for clients from France, Nigeria, Scotland, Latin America, India, Poland, Egypt, Iran, Ukraine and many Jewish clients. 

May we set up an in-person meeting before signing the contract?

Yes, and we recommend that — when possible — you meet face-to-face with each of your vendors. If an in-person meeting is not possible because you’re currently living out of town, we can arrange for a video conference call. Contact us and we can schedule a time that is convenient for you. 

What style music will you play at my wedding?

Each of our clients is unique and we’re big on making sure their weddings are personalized to a T! We’ll work with you to ensure that the music at your wedding matches your favorite music styles with the needs and wants of your guests. 

Need more questions answered about your wedding music? Head on over to Amplify. HERE

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