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Modern Wedding Trends

Weddings are all about tradition. The white dress, the flowers, the cake, the first dance, and of course, the day spent with family, friends and the person you intend to spend the rest of your life supporting, loving and growing with. While you can still find these traditions at most weddings today, there are new trends taking over the industry and changing the way we think about a “traditional” wedding.

1. Save the Date cards—These fun cards sent out months before the invitations serve to inform guests of the date so they can mark their calendars long before the details included in an invitation have been finalized. This trend began in the early 2000s as a way to call dibs on a date, give friends and family a heads-up, and of course, to get everyone else as excited about your big day as you are!

Emily with Poppie Studios Designs has all your printed needs covered from Save the Date cards to invitations. Check out some of her designs below and visit her site at to see more of her work and contact her with any questions!

Poppie Studios Designs Save The Date
Poppie Studios Designs Save The Date

2. Sharing the Cost—Traditionally, it was expected that the father of the bride empty his wallet for the costs necessary for his daughter’s wedding. However, times have changed and many families have opted to split the cost of a wedding. By splitting the cost of a wedding, brides & grooms can afford to do more and families aren’t left quite as financially burdened by the special day.

3. Colorful Weddings— The black and white with greenery and maybe a color pop with champagne or blush is traditionally about all the color you'll find at a wedding. However, recently brides have been including some more powerful colors in their wedding décor. Adding bright colors to bouquets, table décor, or fun decorations ensures unique pictures and a fun setup for guests to enjoy!

Charlotte Fristoe Photography Charlotte with has been capturing incredible memories for years and her photography style brings out the beauty in a pop of color! Here are some of the more colorful weddings she's photographed and be sure to check out her website at to see more of her work!

4. Games— Kids are being invited to more and more wedding receptions and games are a good way to entertain them so the adults can get their party on! Even if your wedding will be an adults-only event, offering some games at an outdoor reception is fun for a guest of any age. corn-hole, yard Jenga, ring-toss and croquet are some popular games to have at your reception!

5. Destination Weddings— Smaller ceremonies away from home are becoming increasingly popular in the 21st century. Why not fly your party out to Belize or Hawaii and start your honeymoon right away! Planning a wedding in another state or country can be a little scary because its hard to know what to expect, but with the right team and your friends and family, it can be an incredible special vacation with your loved ones. Some more amazing destination wedding locations are Cozumel, Morocco, Italy, Thailand, and many many more!

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