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Considering the Wedding Guest List

The amazing quest of the guest list. It can be daunting, however it doesn't have to be. Here are a few tips on how to create your wedding guest list.

Let us first talk about how many guest you will invite. Considering your venue size and your budget.

What is your budget for food?

How many guest will your venue hold?

According to Wedding Wire the average plated meal cost around 41.00 and the average buffet meal around 28.00. Lets do the math, if you have 150 guest at your wedding the cost on catering a plated meal will be $6,150.00, buffet $4200.00.

Now that you know how many and your budget let's start the list.

!. Traditionally the couple gets half the guest and the couples parents get the other half. So if you were invite 200 people you would invite 100 guest and both sets of parents would invite 50 each.

2. Before involving parents, make a preliminary list with your partner. Start off with your closest family members and your closet friends.

3. Now put everyone you would like to see at the wedding with no regards to budget or venue space.

4. Now you can ask both sets of parents to give you their list. There will be some over lap.

5. Now look at your complete list. I imagine you have too many on your list. So here are a few tips for cutting that list down.

Cut #1 Is there some one on this list that you both do not know? You have never heard of them or spoken to them. Mark them off your list.

Cut #2 If neither of you have spoken to them in over three years or more. Mark them off your list.

Cut #3 You may also consider not inviting children. An adult only wedding.

Cut #4 Think about this person. Will they be a part of your future?

Cut #5 Are you feeling guilty about invite a friend of friend or you were invited to their wedding? Maybe you were in the wedding. If it has been more than two years. Mark them off the list.

Be fair if you removed a guest from your parents list remove one from yours. Set your cut rules and stick with it.

Keep in mind that there is usually a attendance rate of 85% of local guest. This may be true for out of town guest as well if they are wealthy. Otherwise it might be closer to 40%. Remember plus one too.

I hope this was a helpful list.

Need more help with your guest list? Check out the links below for online guest list makers.

Photo credit Charlotte Fristoe

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