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The DIY Bride: Do This, Not That

Many of you Pinterest obsessed Brides-to-be may have planned out how to make your upcoming wedding an entirely "Do it Yourself" project. A word of advice, in order to save some money on your wedding day, there are some things that a crafty lady and her friends can successfully DIY, however there are some things that should ALWAYS be left to the professionals. Follow these DIY do's and don'ts and your special day will be unique and crafty without causing any unnecessary mental breakdowns.


Do It! One of the hottest new trends among creative brides is DIY wedding invitaions. There are lots of free wedding printables available on line, and if you choose to use one, you can jazz them up with some watercolor paint or beautifully addressed envelopes with vintage stamps. If you're feeling braver, Beginner Calligraphy kits are available everywhere, and there are enough self help vides on YouTube to render anyone a pro. A word of caution, calligraphy is an art that takes patience, but it can also be a very calming activity. Websites like this one and this one, are devoted to helping you learn how to write beautifully, and for those of us who have trouble staying in the lines, there are nifty little gadgets like this. If you are still wary about real calligraphy, there are plenty of resources like this one, that can help you fake it until you make it! Learn how to make your own envelope liners here, and invest in a stamp or stickers with your return address to make sending out invitations even easier. Craft away!

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