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The DIY Bride: Do This, Not That

Many of you Pinterest obsessed Brides-to-be may have planned out how to make your upcoming wedding an entirely "Do it Yourself" project. A word of advice, in order to save some money on your wedding day, there are some things that a crafty lady and her friends can successfully DIY, however there are some things that should ALWAYS be left to the professionals. Follow these DIY do's and don'ts and your special day will be unique and crafty without causing any unnecessary mental breakdowns.


Don't Do It! Although a DIY photo booth is a fun and easy project that will entertain you and your guests, the photos of the ceremony, bridal party, family and reception should not be a do-it-yourself job. Your wedding day is likely to be one of the most important days of your life, and you want plenty of pictures and video to help you remeber it. You may have some talented friends or family members that are savvey with a camera, but for this you need a professional. Even the best of friends or relatives may sometimes have conflicts of interest that could leave you without a photographer on your special day. Backing out, even a month before the wedding, can mean that you have difficulty finding a professional replacement. A professional will never let you down because they are contractually obligated to carry out the duties that you hired them to perform. A wedding photographer knows how to pose couples so that you look your best, and is always professional when taking more intimate shots. A professional has also done enough weddings to know exactly which moments to capture in order to please thier clients. Friends may be talented and cheap, but hiring them is not worth the potential strain on your relationship that wedding stress can cause. Not to mention, your friends want to be able to partake in your wedding, and if they are trying to be a guest and a vendor simultaneously, one or the other will undoubtedly suffer.

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