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The DIY Bride: Do This, Not That

Many of you Pinterest obsessed Brides-to-be may have planned out how to make your upcoming wedding an entirely "Do it Yourself" project. A word of advice, in order to save some money on your wedding day, there are some things that a crafty lady and her friends can successfully DIY, however there are some things that should ALWAYS be left to the professionals. Follow these DIY do's and don'ts and your special day will be unique and crafty without causing any unnecessary mental breakdowns.

Photo Booth:

Do it! A photo booth is must for every wedding! Not only does it give the guests something to do during cocktail hour and the reception, but it helps create memories for you and your guests. If you have a hashtag for your wedding (and I'm sure you do), this is the perfect place to display it. Guests are more likely to take pictures, that you can cherish later, if there is a fun place to do so. You can even leave an ipad or polaroid camera at the booth so guests can leave you video messages and print out the photos they take immediately. If guests sign the pictures they take, and leave well wishes on the back, they can turn into a memorable keepsake for you. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on renting a photo booth, and for this reason it is the perfect project to DIY! The best DIY Photo booths have a few key components: A fun background, props, and a camera or a way to take video. (Guests will likely take pictures on their own phones and cameras as well, but providing a way to take pictures ensures that you get to see and keep some of the best ones.)

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